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River Surma, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Andrea Kdd

Well here it is, my blog on our trip to Sylhet, and our first time out of Dhaka. Thrills, spills, cricket, idiocy and delight, all in one little parcel with some very fine photos, such as this one taken by the missus.

Everything still seems rosy and the atmosphere here is great. My cheerfulness can be found, unrefined, in my last blog, "Bitten in Bangladesh 3".

Of course it'll take a bit to match those legendary pieces,“Creating a Climate Graph in MS Excel” and “Creating a Population Pyramid in MS Excel”, “The Curious History of the Hakka and the Tulou” and "The Curious History of Taosi, the Longshan and the Xia", but I'll keep trying! Be good!

Horizons: Sylhet, Bangladesh, 2014

Andrea Kidd, Mark Whitworth, Khadimnagar National Park, Sylhet, Bangladesh

“You know the Uddin Hills in Shahporan Uposhohor? You know...near the Khadimnagar National Park! Come on...to the East of Sylhet! Yes, of course, of course it’s in Bangladesh.”

Now Sylhet may have sprung into the minds of a few cricket fans in the last few weeks, as it is home to several matches in the World T20 Cricket Tournament; if you can bring yourself to call T20 cricket, that is! However to the uninitiated it is likely you’ll have never heard of either Sylhet the district or Sylhet the city. Lying in the North-eastern corner of the country, the city marks the edge of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta and the start of the hilly tracts, which extend up to the border with India.

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Bitten by Bangladesh 3

Mark Whitworth, DhakaMost of this piece was written a couple of weeks ago and I’d been toying around with the idea of sending it as a letter to friends. After a bit of procrastination and constipation it finally arrived as a blog and I’ve just found time to select, or take, some photos to go with it. Andrea remained unconvinced, but I think it works, and that’s what matters!

In the intervening weeks I’ve also sorted out to visit the UK at Easter, for my Dad’s 90th birthday party, and we’ve made our first foray out of Dhaka, to Sylhet. The latter will be covered in a forthcoming blog.

It’s another beautiful day here in Dhaka, a bit warmer than the last few, but still very pleasant. A breeze would be welcome, although it might raise the dust, so a short rainstorm first would be ideal. Although the temperatures have started to rise, it is still pleasantly cool at night and there is no need for the air conditioning yet.

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Bitten by Bangladesh 2

Mark Whitworth It’s now five months since we arrived in Dhaka and in that time I’ve posted only one blog on how life is going here. The reason for such thunderous silence has been down to two facts, firstly that I’ve been so busy it has been difficult to sit down and compose anything and secondly that reporting on the situation here is awkward to say the least!

I’ll finish this piece with commentary on the political situation in the country but please appreciate that I have to choose my words carefully. I’ve also tried to present an unbiased account, in that I am a guest in Bangladesh and how the Bangladeshis chose to sort out their problems is their business and not mine. Obviously the circumstances have affected our lives, and lifestyle, but we chose to come and work here, it is therefore up to us to learn how to live with it.

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